Give Thanks

Bible reading: Psalm 136:1-4

When asked the question “what are you thankful for?”, we tend to think about people who are close to us and things that are tangible. I usually reply to this question with this list: my relationship with Christ/Salvation, family, health, friends, and my job. For whatever reason, God’s mercy doesn’t make it on this list. Lamentations 3:22-23 states that “His mercy never comes to an end, they are new every morning, great is Thy faithfulness!”. So what is mercy? It is the unmerited favor of God. Another definition that I have heard is not getting what you deserve. Because of sin we deserve eternal death, however through God’s mercy, He sent the perfect Sacrifice to die on the cross for us so that we could have the gift of eternal life. We don’t deserve this gift. How many times have we taken Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice for granted, and yet because of His mercy, He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sin(s)? And the exciting part about mercy is that it lasts forever. He won’t take it back!!! It doesn’t run out!!!!! Even though we deserve to be penalized for some of the things we have done, He continues to cover us under his wings of love and safety. So the next time that someone asks you to describe what you are thankful for, let’s remember to add God’s mercy on that list.

Prayer: Father, today I just want to thank you for your mercy towards me. I am so unfaithful, however you remain faithful to me. Please help me not to take you for granted, but help me to be cognizant of the fact that I am nothing without You! I pray that I won’t just accept your mercy but that I will also extend mercy to others. Thank you for hearing and answering this prayer, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

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